To be a highly specialised, respected, reputable, and profitable training and risk-management business whose services capitalise upon opportunities in commercial and public sector markets both nationally and internationally.


To become market leaders, recognised as exceptional in our field by offering comprehensive yet bespoke specialised training and risk management services to a broad spectrum of clientele across business, commerce, government, public organisations, and wealthy (high-profile) individuals.


To conduct our business with integrity, discretion, diligence, and respect so as to ensure Diligent World remains resilient within the ever-changing market place in which it operates, allowing the business to continuously expand and develop in accordance with consumer demands.


Diligent World prides itself on being a business which seeks the truth.

In doing so, Diligent World serves to empower clients, equipping them with the requisite knowledge, tools, and techniques that will allow them to make informed decisions and safeguard their interests. Clients will confidently be able to anticipate, minimise, and ultimately mitigate risk irrespective of whether this is to ensure the integrity of business, organisational practise, or personal interests.

Diligent World is proud to be able to offer clients the opportunity to benefit from solutions derived from practical experience in identifying, analysing, assessing, and alleviating risk obtained from extensive careers in law enforcement operating at the highest levels locally, nationally and internationally.

Diligent World respects the need for discretion by offering a variety of confidential services to reduce risk, as well as working with the client to introduce processes of best practise that serve to improve operational and/or financial performance. This gives the client the peace of mind that their business and/or investment is working at an optimum level, allowing them to exert control of their circumstances.

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