The unique experience, knowledge,  skill,  integrity, and credibility of the controlling minds of Diligent World  is at the core of the services offered and is what helps to set Diligent World apart from other risk management consultancies. The practical nature of the experience of the principals of Diligent World, derived from a career in dealing with a wide range of dynamic, complex – and often life critical – risk management situations, will be key in helping to create and maintain a strong market presence in the field.

Indeed, their background in law enforcement has instilled a robust, structured, and methodical approach to the identification, assessment, management, and mitigation of risk which will be afforded to clients via the services offered.

As a collective, Diligent World is a well-balanced team of complementary talents and skills who are ambitious and energetic, sharing a strong common sense of purpose and vision to address shortcomings in the acceptance of, awareness, and/or understanding of risk within both private and public sector organisations. They are a formidable force, bringing rigour, resilience, and unconventional thinking in order to address and resolve complex risk situations, drawing upon an extensive network of highly-specialised subject matter experts in all aspects of risk management.

Diligent World has the capacity, capability, and drive to work both nationally and internationally in order to maximise profits and boost company reputation.

Diligent World is supported and advised by a team of personal advisors and an independent business entrepreneur, the latter of which also acts as chair of the board for Diligent World.


Colin – a former Detective Chief Superintendent – was Head of Intelligence for Police Scotland upon his retirement from the force in 2014, having previously been Head of CID for the legacy Strathclyde Police Force. During his illustrious career, Colin was responsible for the introduction and implementation of ground-breaking and innovative operational and organisational strategies to streamline performance and improve efficiency.


Elliot is a retired senior police officer with a wealth of experience in major investigation, counter terrorism, crisis management, risk mitigation and training, having worked with law enforcement and intelligence agencies across Europe, Canada, America, and Pakistan.