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Colin – a former Detective Chief Superintendent – was Head of Intelligence for Police Scotland upon his retirement from the force in 2014, having previously been Head of CID for the legacy Strathclyde Police Force. During his illustrious career, Colin was responsible for the introduction and implementation of ground-breaking and innovative operational and organisational strategies to streamline performance and improve efficiency.

This includes leading on initiatives to introduce novel and sector leading approaches to the collection, collation, assessment, and subsequent exploitation of intelligence, and is responsible for developing the business model and structures currently employed by Police Scotland for intelligence management. Under his leadership, Police Scotland invested in new systems, controls, processes and procedures to enhance intelligence led operations aimed at protecting Scottish communities from those serious organised criminals identified as posing the greatest risk and harm. Key to the success of the improvement strategies introduced by Colin was the thoroughness of his research, analysis and application of investigative skills, combined with his practical experience all of which helped to ensure that the strategies were informed and relevant. His initiatives have helped to shape and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of policing services across Scotland and the UK as a whole. Colin has received positive praise and accolade for his creative approach, and is recognised and well respected within law enforcement circles nationally for his in-depth knowledge of specialist operations.

Colin has strong leadership and management skills obtained during this time as Head of CID at Strathclyde Police, whereby he led a team of 500 police officers and support staff actively involved in operations investigating all aspects of serious crime with the primary purpose of resolving a diverse range of issues critical to public safety. He developed a new concept in information investigation and analysis (now applied across the country), as well as being concerned with the preparation and presentation of highly-confidential analytical and statistical reports.

Colin chaired policy and strategy committees with high-level decision-makers, contributing to strategy on UK and international intelligence policy, and is an experienced change manager who played a significant role in the reform of policing services in Scotland which saw the merger of the 8 legacy police forces and the Scottish Crime and Drugs Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) into a single, national service.

Colin is an expert in all aspects of covert investigations and intelligence gathering, having worked in partnership with UK agencies (including other public and third sector bodies) on all aspects of public protection strategies. In earlier roles, he was involved at senior level in the investigation of ‘cold case’ murders, serious crime, serious organised crime, and has conducted serious crime investigations in Northern Ireland and the Baltic States.

Since retiring from the police, Colin has his efforts in forming a business, has been acting in an advisory and consultancy capacity to a diverse clientele across business, public sector, and other professions throughout the UK.

Colin is DV security cleared – the highest possible security vetting – until 2021.

Professional Qualifications

Colin has followed a path of continuous professional development obtained through his attendance and participation at courses, conferences, seminars and workshops delivered by the Scottish Police College, and the legacy Strathclyde Police Force Training Centre. The portfolio of skills and knowledge obtained during the course of his professional development includes those specific to the investigation of acts of counter terrorism, serious and organised crime, and kidnap and extortion, as well as those required to oversee and lead on tactical command, surveillance (covert), computer applications, misconduct and professional standards (including counter corruption), interview and selection training, and media handling.